Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)


The SEND Department

At Heyford Park Free School, we aim to ensure that pupils/students with Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) become confident and independent learners, who are prepared for study and life beyond school. We have high aspirations for all pupils and students, and we are committed to supporting children and young people with SEND in the most responsive and effective way possible in order that they flourish, grow and progress.

As a school, we promote equal opportunities for all pupils. We use a pupil/student-centered approach where they are actively encouraged to participate in the process regarding their support needs.

We do this by using a graduated approach – the ‘SEND pathway’ that enables us to be responsive to the changing needs of pupils with SEND and to meet those needs in the most effective way possible.(please see diagrams below)

As a school, we pay full regard to the Code of Practice 2015 and The Equality Act 2010 and make decisions about support in relation to current and complete information for each pupil. As far as possible, HPFS make reasonable adjustments to allow for the inclusion of all pupils.

Learning Support Assistants

The Learning Support Assistants provide in-class support for pupils with special educational needs.  In addition, they also deliver interventions to those that need additional intervention.  Students are assessed when they start school and then appropriate support can be put in place to address any needs. It is our mission to devise an individual learning plan for each student in our care to ensure they have full access to the curriculum and wider learning and enrichment opportunities that are part of student life at Heyford Park Free School.

In primary our learning support assistants work with children with SEND as well as those who may be facing a barrier in their learning.


When starting school in year 7, all classes will have a Learning Support Assistant assigned for the first two weeks. Transition into secondary school can be a daunting time and difficult for so many reasons. A Learning Support Assistant is ‘a constant’ in changing times and will be at hand to help all year 7 students establish their routine at Heyford Park Free School. The Learning Support Assistants will also use this assignment to assess individuals so that Individual Learning Profiles can be devised where special education needs become apparent. In reception our skilled early years team work closely with families to ensure we identify and respond to children’s needs. In secondary precision interventions take place outside the classroom and a homework workshop also runs after school on Fridays and this is staffed by Learning Support Assistants.  In primary interventions are planned by the teacher utilising the expertise of the LSA team.

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