Karen Healey


Vicky Wallington

Senior Assistant Principal: Student and Curriculum

Andy Brown

Director of Learning: Physical Education and Arts (resp. for KS4)

Robert Marchant

Deputy Head of School: Primary

David Ireland

Director of Learning for Mathematics and Enterprise

Rebecca Hughes

Head of School: Primary

Philippa Baines

Teacher of Geography & Head of House: Lindh

Sian Gibson

Lead Teacher of English KS3 & Head of House McGuire

Jeremy Hobbs

Director of Learning Pastoral & Head of House: Bader

Rebecca Rhymes

Director of Learning Humanities

Iain Mackenzie

Assistant Principal: Outcomes and Director of Learning for Science and STEM

Jen Walker

Early Years Foundation Stage & Nursery Leader

Justin Haywood

Director of Learning - English and Media Studies

Christine Childs

SENDCo and Inclusion Lead

Sarah Heywood

Director of Sixth Form

Samantha Morbey-Burras

Deputy Director of English & Teacher of English

Katherine Partington

Teacher of Science

Neil Lutgens

Teacher of Media and Information Technology

Simon Hutton

Lead Teacher of Mathematics

Naseem Muhammed

Teacher of Science

Catherine Conway

Teacher of Mathematics and Business Studies

Fiona Cochrane

MFL: Head of Spanish with responsibility for International Links across schools

Maxine McMahon-Brown

Teacher of Art

Kimberley Wright

Teacher of Humanities

Joanna Landles

Teacher of Performing Arts - With responsibility as Quality Nominee

Tracy Lewis

Teacher of English

Orla Welby

Teacher of Physical Education

Charlotte Beale

Learning Support Assistant (Secondary)

Syamala Arumugham

Science Technician

Susanna Elliott

Primary Class Teacher

Teresa Morrish

Teaching Assistant Secondary

Sadie Ward

KS1 Phase Leader and Class Teacher

Clare Jefferies

Lower KS2 Phase Leader and Class Teacher

Shannon Southam

Primary Class Teacher

Victoria Evans

Primary Class Teacher

Victoria Osborne

Primary Class Teacher

Miss Jenny Larsen


Caron Hillier

HLTA Primary Teaching Assistant

Callum McGillivray

Primary Class Teacher

Nicole Deakin

Primary Class Teacher

Hannah Curtis

Primary Class Teacher

Louise Stephens

Primary Class Teacher

Stephanie Wright

Primary Teaching Assistant

Claire Young

Primary Teaching Assistant

Caroline Reynolds

EYFS Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Sophie Stronge

HLTA Primary Teaching Assistant

Kerry Mellor

Learning Support Assistant (Primary)

Jacqueline Sawyer

Learning Support Assistant (Primary)

Helen Rourke-Hodson

Care Assistant (Primary)

Jennifer Binns

Learning Support Assistant (Primary)

Annette Perks

Primary Teaching Assistant

Kim Day

Learning Support Assistant Primary

Jenny Jones

Learning Support Assistant Primary

Sarah Morgan Harris

Learning Support Assistant (Primary)

Tina Saxton

Learning Support Assistant Primary

Ann Wickson

Learning Support Assistant (Primary) + Extended Services Assistant

Heather Bignell

Nursery Teacher

Anna Cranidge

Nursery Deputy Manager

Emma Turner

Teaching Assistant Nursery

Tanya Johnson

Level 3 Early Years Practitioner: Nursery

Refat Reza

Learning Support Assistant (Nursery)

Margaret Zeyfert

LAC Tutor

Tracy Large

Learning Support Assistant (Primary)

Joanna Spencer

Learning Support Assistant (Primary)

Parisa Nejad

Cover and Restorative Supervisor

Kate Akkerman

Clerk to Trustees & PA to Interim Executive Principal

Lorraine Dumbill

School Business Manager

Jane Allen

Office and Admissions Manager

Naina Kopsch

Finance Assistant

Samantha Postma

Finance Assistant - Sales Ledger

Danielle Ayris

HR Assistant

Katherine Hopping

Receptionist & Administrator

Kelly Sutton

Receptionist & Administartor

Dawn Gamble

Receptionist & Administrator

Dawn Floyd

Student data, Examinations and Sixth Form Officer

Stephanie Woodman

Extended Services & Enrichment Coordinator

Aimee Johnston

Extended Services Assistant

Chloe Gould

Extended Services Assistant

Sally Mildenhall

Extended Services Assistant

Gale Law

Extended Services Supervisor

Sarah Collison

Extended Services Assistant + Lunchtime Supervisor

Jennifer Chapman

Lunchtime Supervisor + Extended Services Assistant

Sallie Cliff

Student Well-Being Assistant with additional Safeguarding responsibilities

Ian Humphries

ICT Technician

Mark Steward

Site Manager

Mark Robinson


Robert Hopping

School Janitor