Meet the staff

Heyford Park Free School Staff

Ms Karen Healey: Principal

Ms Carolyn Unsted: Executive Principal in the absence of K Healey

Miss Victoria Wallington: Associate Principal in the absence of K Healey. Senior Assistant Principal, Student and Curriculum



Secondary Staff

Mr Iain Mackenzie: Assistant Principal, Outcomes. Director of Learning, Science and STEM

Ms Catalina Marin: Assistant Principal, Teaching and Learning. Director of Learning, English and Media

Mrs Sarah Heywood: Director of Sixth Form

Mrs Paula Hardy: SENCO

Mr Andrew Brown: Director of Learning PE/Arts and KS4 Lead

Mr Jeremy Hobbs: Director of Learning Pastoral and PSHE. Head of Bader House

Mrs Rebecca Rhymes: Director of Learning Humanities

David Ireland
David Ireland: Director of Learning: Mathematics and Enterprise

Miss Philippa Baines: Geography Teacher. Head of House – Lindh

Mrs Fiona Cochrane: Spanish Teacher

Mrs Cathy Conway: Maths and Lead teacher Business Teacher

Miss Sian Gibson: Lead Teacher KS3 English. Head of House – McGuire

Ms Maxine McMahon – Brown: Art and Design Teacher

Mrs Kerin Oram: Deputy Director of Science

Miss Orla Welby: PE Teacher


Ms Katharine Partington: Science Teacher

Samantha Morbey-Burras

Mrs Samantha Morbey-Burras: Deputy Director of English

Simon Hutton

Mr Simon Hutton: Lead Teacher of Mathematics: KS3

Joanaa Landles

Ms Katherine Wilson: English Teacher



Joanaa Landles

Ms Joanna Landles: Teacher of Performing Arts



Secondary Support Staff

Mrs Ulrike Ashley: Assistant SENCO

Mrs Teresa Morrish: Teaching Assistant

Calum Warriner

Mr Callum Warriner: Teaching Assistant



Primary Staff

Mrs Rebecca Hughes: Head of School: Primary

Mr Robert Marchant: Deputy Head of School: Primary

Mrs Jennifer Walker: EYFS Lead and Reception Teacher

Mr Callum Warriner: Year 1 Teacher

Miss Hannah Curtis: Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Caron HIllier: Reception HLTA

Miss Jenny Larsen: Primary Teacher

Mrs Victoria Osborne: Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Victoria Evans: Year 6 Teacher



Miss Sadie Ward: KS1 Phase Lead and Year 1/2 Teacher



Primary Support Staff

Mrs Caroline Reynolds: HLTA

Sophie Stronge

Miss Sophie Stronge: HLTA

Kerry Mellor

Mrs Kerry Mellor: Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Tina Saxton: Learning Support Assistant

Ms Jennifer Jones: Learning Support Assistant

Miss Kim Day: Learning Support Assistant

meet the staff

Mrs Sarah Morgan Harris: Learning Support Assistant

meet the staff

Mrs Jennifer Binns: EYFS Learning Support

meet the staff

Mrs Jacqueline Sawyer: Learning Support Assistant

meet the staff

Mrs Helen Rourke-Hodson: Primary Carer



Business Services Staff

meet the staff

Miss Lorraine Dumbill: Business Manager

meet the staff

Mr Mark Steward: Site Manager

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Mr Mark Robinson: Caretaker

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Mr Robert Hopping: Janitor

meet the staff

Mr Ian Humphries: ICT Technician

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Mrs Danielle Ayris: HR Assistant

meet the staff

Mrs Naina Kopsch: Finance Assistant

Ms Jane Allen: Office and Admissions Manager

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Mrs Dawn Floyd: Data, Exams and Sixth Form Officer

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Mrs Dawn Gamble: Receptionist

meet the staff

Mrs Katherine Hopping: Receptionist

meet the staff

Mrs Julia Martin: Receptionist

meet the staff

Ms Kelly Sutton: Receptionist

meet the staff

Mrs Stephanie Woodman: Extended Services Co-ordinator

Mrs Gale Law: Extended Services Supervisor

Mrs Samantha Postma: Extended Services Administrator

meet the staff

Ms Joanna Spencer: Extended Services Assistant



Nursery Staff

meet the staff
Anna Cranidge: Nursery Deputy Manager
meet the staff
Heather Bignell: Nursery Teacher
meet the staff
Emma Turner: EYFS LSA