Secondary Staff

Meet the secondary team.

Dan Neal

Interim Executive Principal

Karen Healey


Christine Childs


Justin Haywood

Director of Learning - English and Media Studies

Vicky Wallington

Senior Assistant Principal: Student and Curriculum

Sarah Heywood

Director of Sixth Form

Andy Brown

Director of Learning: Physical Education and Arts (resp. for KS4)

Jeremy Hobbs

Director of Learning Pastoral & Head of House: Bader

Iain Mackenzie

Assistant Principal: Outcomes and Director of Learning for Science and STEM

Rebecca Rhymes

Director of Learning Humanities

Orla Welby

Teacher of Physical Education

Catherine Conway

Teacher of Mathematics and Business Studies

Sian Gibson

Lead Teacher of English KS3 & Head of House McGuire

Philippa Baines

Teacher of Geography & Head of House: McGuire

Fiona Cochrane

MFL: Head of Spanish with responsibility for International Links across schools

Kerin Oram

Deputy Director of Science

Maxine McMahon-Brown

Teacher of Art

Simon Hutton

Lead Teacher of Mathematics

Samantha Morbey-Burras

Deputy Director of English & Teacher of English

Joanna Landles

Teacher of Performing Arts - With responsibility as Quality Nominee

Katherine Partington

Teacher of Science

Federico Antonelli

Maths Teacher

Katie Harris

Music Teacher

Ulrike Ashley

Assistant SENCO: secondary /Higher level teaching assistant

Teresa Morrish

Teaching Assistant Secondary