History Vision Statement-

History is an essential part of life for students at Heyford Park Free School.  We are very fortunate that the History of our school site is part of a much wider history of the local area, and has played its part in both national and international events.  All students at HPFS have an entitlement regarding the study of the history of the site, from Early Years Foundation stage to Key Stage 5.

Students study history twice a week at Key Stage 3 and have the opportunity to choose it as a GCSE option in Key Stage 4 and continue on to study it at A Level if they wish.  Within History lessons students have the opportunity to study a variety of British and international History across many different periods, looking for patterns and drawing comparisons between various events.  Students are encouraged to challenge and question accepted versions of events by using the evidence available, the aim being to promote a curiosity about the past and how and why different people view it in such different ways.

It is the aim that students will leave Heyford Park Free School with a deeper understanding of the past and why it matters to modern life.  Students will be encouraged to apply their study of History to many different subjects and use it to influence the decisions they make in life.

After all, “those who fail to learn from History are doomed to repeat it”.


Download “Year 7 History Curriculum Provision Map (2019-20)” Year-7-History-CURRICULUM-PROVISION-MAP-HPFS-2019-20.docx – Downloaded 18 times – 55 KB

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