Primary Performance Data


The Department of Education publishes primary school performance tables giving information on attainment and progress for pupils at the end of KS2 (Year 6) annually, and showing how these results compare with other schools in the local authority and across the country.

They also provide information on absence, finance and Ofsted inspections.

All of this information can be found here:

Compare School Performance

In 2019, we had our first cohort of Year 6s take their assessments.  Validated results are published in the Autumn, and progress data will be published in December.  We are proud of all our pupils and their progress throughout our school.

In EYFS, 74% of children achieved a Good Level of Development at the end of Reception.  Key areas of strength are personal, social and emotional development, and communication and language.

In Year 1, 91% of children passed the phonics check in June.  All the three children who re-took the check-in Year 2 passed.

Year 2 SATs results: 2019

Working at age-related expectations or above Working at greater depth
Reading 76% 27%
Writing 56% 16%
Maths 82% 16%
Science 84% No judgement given


Year 6 results: 2019

Achieving age-related expectations or above Working at a greater depth
Reading 75% 14%
Writing 67% 17%
SPAG 75% 19%
Maths 69% 8%
Science 67% No judgement given
Combined 61% 8%


Note that this is unvalidated data – validated data will be released in the Autumn, which will include any changes following remarks which we have submitted.

Results are always cohort-dependent, and year on year results can go both down and up. Progress data will be released in December, and this is often seen as a better indicator of the quality of teaching and learning than attainment figures.