Here at Heyford Park Free School, it is our intention to be able to engage and make all things digital accessible to all of our students. We aim to deliver a broad range of topics offering a diverse experience to incorporate themes that are logical, technical, creative and intuitive. Content delivered through our curriculum is intended to help our students with work place preparation or to enter further education. Our main aim is to arm our students with a positive and confident approach to using digital platforms and enable them to rise to any fresh challenges whilst ensuring that they also obtain the knowledge and ability to be aware of their own presence as well as others to ensure good practice towards safety and ethical issues.

Heyford Park Free School primary pupils have the opportunity to develop their computational skills through a range of different topics including programming with Scratch, developing algorithms using flowcharts, learning how to problem solve with Microsoft Excel and many more. Students will learn how to be equipped for the 21st century by acquiring critical digital literacy skills through research tasks and learning what potential threats there are online and how to avoid these, we do this by dedicating a portion of our time each year to E-Safety. We have a set of laptops and some iPads that the students use for computing as well as cross curricular links.

Parents and Carers might find these links useful:  – scratch free to use – BBC bitesize – E-Safety website run by CEOP