school parking

As a driver you have a responsibility to consider school parking in a safe and considerate manner. If you don’t, you could be
endangering a child’s life or the life of another member of the public.

Please park with care and help make the area near and around our school a safer place for our children, their
families and the local community.

To help ease the situation, the doors in Primary are open from 8.45am to 9.00am and parents can drop off at any
time during that period of time.

Please note: the car park on the front of the Officers Mess is for staff use only unless you hold a disability badge
and have made arrangements with us. The parent parking is behind the school with both the car park area and
park and stride.

If you need to drive your child to school, for the safety of all our families, please remember:

• No parking on single or double yellow lines
• No double parking
• No stopping, dropping or parking on the School Keep Clear yellow zig zags
• No parking on corners or junctions especially near the school entrances
• Please do not block driveways
• No parking on roundabouts.

By remembering these points not only will you improve the safety of the area surrounding your child’s school,
but you will also avoid receiving a parking ticket!

What can you do instead?
Many families choose to walk to school, which helps enormously, and perhaps some of those that need to drive
could park further from the school and walk in, starting the day with some fresh air and exercise?

By working together we can keep everyone safe.

Parent car park & ‘Park and Stride’ – Walking half a mile only takes between 8 and 17 minutes. How many calories
you burn depends on how fast you walk!

Try Car Sharing – consider sharing the school run. If you have to drive to school then get together with other parents
who need to go by car and take it in turns to drive.

Walk with other families – organise a small group of parents to share the walk to school and take it in turns with
other parents to do the school run. You could even combine this idea with Park and Stride. Walking to school
contributes to the recommended daily physical activity for you and your children. It also helps to reduce congestion
around the school and helps to improve air quality, providing benefits for everyone.

Use the community parking and shop: Are you dropping children off at different times? The community centre and
shop would welcome you waiting there. Enjoy a coffee – you may even want to add breakfast?!