6th Form

Heyford Park sixth form
Welcome to Heyford Park Sixth Form

At Heyford Park Free School Sixth Form  we have built a dynamic yet sensitive community, where determined students strive for excellence in all they do. All of the work that we do together is led by our Heyford Park sixth form values of integrity, service and excellence.

We want to build a sixth form that is a strong, friendly community where all members of the team have an intrinsic sense of self-confidence and pride. Students in our community and the adults that work alongside them aim to support each other to think and act positively, entertain prospects and be resilient so that we overcome any ‘bumps in the road’. We want our 6th form students to explore what fascinates them, and motivate ourselves and others on our individual journeys to achieving their potential. We will work together to ensure that we all know how extraordinary we are, and that we are supported by people who understand and care for each other. We will respect and value individual’s choices, and ensure that we recognise that there are different types of success.

Together, we aim for you to enjoy your time in the sixth form by providing each other with, and actively engaging in fun and exciting experiences in and beyond the classroom and sixth form environment. We aim to balance the fun with the hard work, approaching learning and life with curiosity, resourcefulness and tenacity. We know the importance of engaging fully with the wider community in which we learn and live, and seek to contribute positively in our roles as members of society.

Developing ourselves as leaders of our own learning and becoming role models within our community is central to all we do.  All sixth formers will take an active leadership or mentoring role within sixth form and in the wider community of Heyford Park Free School.  We value the importance of academic achievement and the development of all the skills and qualities needed for successful adult life, including leadership and employability skills.

As your Director of Sixth Form I want to offer you a highly enjoyable and memorable educational experience where your academic and/or vocational ambitions will be met. We want to ensure our 6th form community is built on the foundations of integrity, humility and dignity.
If you would be interested in becoming part of our Heyford Park Sixth Form community, please visit us, download our prospectus and application form. We will be happy to discuss your future post-16 choices, and how studying at Heyford Park Sixth Form could guide you on your way to success.

Mrs Sarah Heywood
Director of Sixth Form