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Three Houses

The 3 ‘Houses’ at Heyford Park Free School

Bader, Lindh and McGuire.
In the months leading up to the opening of HPFS in September 2013, discussion was had about which 3 names we could put to the 3 ‘Houses’ that we were wanting to create for our year groups at school.
In secondary, the year groups would have a maximum of 60 students in them, meaning they could be split into 3 tutor groups and in turn 3 Houses.  The question was, what would they be called?
With the school basing itself on a former USAF and RAF airbase it was thought appropriate that the names of the Houses were linked to our location.
What the first cohort of staff, governors and some parents came up with was the names of 3 famous pilots that have served the RAF and USAF with absolute distinction.

In ‘Bader House’ we name this after Douglas Bader who gained fame through his amazing skill as a pilot in the 1930s and then as a courageous leader of other pilots in formations of Hurricanes as they pitched themselves against the might of the German Luftwaffe.  Bader House wear a tie with a blue colour added to it.

In ‘Lindh’ (yellow colour to tie) and ‘McGuire’ (red) we have 2 Houses who are named after 2 famous USAF pilots.  These pilots performed what can only be described as the most courageous act of all as a military pilot; they lost control of their plane near RAF Upper Heyford and instead of attempting to land near the base where there was a civilian population as well as airforce around they ditched there plane away from here, very probably avoiding loss of life for the locals but sacrificing their own lives.
We feel these three choices of pilots to head our Houses are a great choice of military personnel who gave everything for their country and countryfolk.


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