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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Grant Spending and Evaluation 2018-19


The key objectives of Pupil Premium Grant Spending  
Priority Outcome
1 To ensure excellent progress and attainment for disadvantaged students by:
  • HLTA role in Primary
  • LSA in secondary to support lower ability pupil premium students in mathematics
  • LSA (Part time) in secondary to target learning behaviours to ensure engagement
  • Educational Coach to provide support across primary and secondary for target students
  • Tutoring in maths and English in Y11 for any disadvantaged student who cannot access this
Disadvantaged students achievement is in line with that of non-disadvantaged students or the gap is closing rapidly
2 To support all of our disadvantaged students in accessing the wider curriculum to ensure high aspirations by:
  • Funding to enable students access trips and materials
Disadvantaged students are able to access materials and attend trips
3 Training for staff on developing a consistent approach to a creating an environment for learning (PIVOTAL)
Disadvantaged students attendance is improving significantly across all phases and the gap is closing
Attitude to Learning Data is broadly line for disadvantaged students and non disadvantaged studenrs
Total PPG estimate £56K
Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) Expenditure and Actions 2017-18
Objective Actions Success Criteria Evaluation
1. Support and promote a strong all through attendance team and Director of Learning for the Pastoral System.
Support and develop strong learning behaviours by directors of learning and behaviour coach.
Introduction of rewards for all to support behaviour for learning and achievement.
GCSE Pod, purchase and implementation.
Education Coach – 1to1 sessions on
Additional Maths and English support – 6 hours in total for 1to1/small group teaching.
Behaviour and Attendance Worker
Disadvantaged students’ attendance in line with non-disadvantaged students.
Rewards for disadvantaged students in line with non- disadvantaged students.
Disadvantaged student on track to make expected progress.
PP Attendance has improved but a gap remains  = 92.11% - Non PP = 95.69%
GCSE Pod – Pupil Premium focus group launched, all given access to GCSE pod ahead of the peers. Incentives awarded for usage on GCSE Pod. 937 pods where watched by the Year 11 PP focus group – Over 55 hours of extra learning utilised by year 11 PP students.
Education Coach/ELSA – 1to1 sessions prioritised for PP students
2. Support for trips and visits, enrichment and wider opportunities.
Establish more able entitlement for disadvantaged students to support STEM, Sport and Arts.
Curriculum material
Disadvantaged students’ involvement in trips and visits. In secondary 100% of disadvantaged students attended at least one educational visit this year. 
PP students attended sports fixtures/voice in a million and where given Art packs and invited to Art club.
PP students given exam pencil cases, maths sets and calculators.
PP children supported to attend residential in Year 4 and Year 6
All PP students accessed class educational day trips in Primary
3. Training for teachers to support quality first teaching.
  • Differentiation
  • Use of Data
  • Questioning
  • GCSE Pod
Teaching is consistently good.
Pupil premium students are on track to make more than expected progress.
Learning walks and lesson observations show that teaching good
Basics training including use of data, differentiation and questioning – learning walks evidence that these are having an impact and questioning is more focused and purposeful for PP students.
Year 11 - Progress 8 for PP improved but the gap closed over the year.  This gap in primary and secondary has closed but remains a focus with individual plans in place when needed
Total PPG received £52K




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