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Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

Albert Einstein

The Mission

The Mission of Heyford Park Free School Science Department is to coach all our students to be well-informed individuals and leaders in a world that is ever evolving through scientific and technological intervention. We aim to cultivate an understanding of, and a life-long passion for, the practice of scientific discovery and an obligation to the conscientious application of science, in all our students. We are driven by innovation and excellence in our curriculum, and are committed to preparing our students to be prosperous in science-related careers that are pivotal in meeting future local, national, and global needs.

Vision Statements

  • We respect teaching as a dynamic, inspired, and scholarly activity in the Science Department. We promote interdisciplinary, integrative teaching and learning through collaborative relationships, be it with other academic programs, departments or industry. Through these alliances, students improve their ability to assimilate knowledge, methods, and perspectives from multiple fields in the Sciences, STEM, Arts, and Humanities etc.
  • We deliver challenging and stimulating scientific experiences that impart a lifelong curiosity in and admiration of science while accommodating the variety of upbringings, capabilities, and pursuits of our students.
  • We are devoted to a hands-on, inquiry based approach to learning through the means of conducting science research. Students are challenged to assemble and apply knowledge as they engage in active and collaborative study.
  • We shepherd our students in extending their scientific literacy, in terms of their ability to: observe; propose and chase questions; evaluate data; read with comprehension scientific articles; critically examine evidence; clearly impart findings orally and in writing; use scientific knowledge to conclude and evaluate.
  • We model to our students their social and environmental responsibility. Students question their scientific knowledge to determine its place in addressing issues around the spiritual, moral, social and ethical sustainability of the world we live in.
  • We reiterate the importance of the STRIPEs skills so that students tackle daily life with resilience, independence and a tenacity that will see them question the existing and innovate for the future.
  • We endeavour to equip our students for their future by helping them to set personal targets and by providing them with the knowledge, experiences, and professional opportunities necessary to realise their potential.
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