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‘He is very intelligent, but he is not a Mathematician; this, as you know, is a great defect!’ Pascal in a correspondence to Fermat.

Maths counts and it counts to say so.

Mission Statement
The Mathematics department aims to inspire students to see the beauty and application of Mathematics in the wider world by making Mathematics relevant, easy, and, fun.
We will support our students to become independent and confident learners, solving problems in real life contexts, along this journey.
Our Aims :
* To create confident Mathematicians who are able to problem solve, and, apply their Maths knowledge to their real life in order to support them to make rational and reasoned decisions;
* To nurture outstanding Mathematicians who will study Mathematics at top universities and establish Mathematics as their chosen career;
* To develop the Mathematics knowledge and abilities of our weaker students and enabling them to have coping strategies to deal with the basic functions of Maths in real life – no student leaves Heyford Park Free School saying ‘I can’t do Maths!’
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