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Welcome to Wraparound at Heyford Park Free School! 

Our team look after Primary children before and after school, from 7.45 a.m. until 6.00 p.m.  We have a small friendly team, and see it as our job to offer a caring and nurturing environment.  As in the rest of school, we see children as individuals, and care for them accordingly: this might involve receiving them after they have been to an after school club, playing games, doing crafts, providing an outside space to play, reading with a child or offering a film to watch.  Children call Wraparound staff by their first names, indicating the relaxed atmosphere, however we have the same expectations of behaviours and conduct as in the rest of school. 
Breakfast Club
Monday – Friday
(including breakfast)
07.45-09.00 £5.20 per session
After School Club
Monday – Thursday
(a light snack is provided after 4.00 p.m.)
15.15-16.00 £2.60 per session
16.00-17.00 £5.20 per session
17.00-18.00 £5.20 per session
(a light snack is provided after 4.00 p.m.)
14.00-16.00 £10.40 per session
16.00-17.00 £5.20 per session
17.00-18.00 £5.20 per session

For further information, please contact Steph Woodman
Extended Services Co-ordinator at swoodman@heyfordparkfreeschool.org
Tel: 01869 232203 Ext. 300 

Welcome to Extended Services at
Heyford Park Free School

Our Extended Service Team manage the following services:
  • Wraparound – This includes Breakfast Club and After School Club
  • The school’s Enrichment Clubs
All queries related to Wraparound or Enrichment including bookings and feedback,
please contact Steph Woodman, Extended Services Co-ordinator on 01869 232203 Ext. 300
or swodman@heyfordparkfreeschool.org.

If unavailable, please contact the Extended Services Supervisor:

Gale Law – Extended Services Supervisor (ASC) glaw@heyfordparkfreeschool.org

If you need to contact Wraparound during service, please telephone 01869 232203 and choose Option 4 or Ext. 325

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