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The Primary Day

The Primary Day:

Doors open in Primary at 8.45am for KS2 and at 8.50am for Reception and Key Stage 1.  We close the doors at 9.00am sharp, as all children are expected to be in their classrooms by then to begin their learning.  The day starts with a morning task, which children get on with when they arrive, and then follows a class timetable for the remainder of the day.  Children have an hour for lunch, which includes eating a hot meal or a packed lunch in the Ballroom.  The day finishes from Monday to Thursday at 3.15pm for Reception and Key Stage 1, and at 3.30pm for Key Stage 2.  On a Friday, the whole school finishes early, at 2.00pm.  We have Wraparound provision available from 7.45am until 6pm and more information can be found under the “Wraparound” tab on the website.

When dropping children off and collecting them, Reception children and those in Tigers class use the doors to their classrooms and all the other classes use the Primary entrance.  If you need to drive to school, there is a Park and Stride car park nearby which parents and carers can use. 
When children have PE, they can come in PE kit for the entire day as this frees up time for learning that would otherwise be used for changing.  This year, PE days are as follows:

  • Mrs Walker’s class – Monday
  • Miss Larsen’s class – Thursday
  • Zebras and Penguins – Tuesday
  • Tigers – Wednesday
  • Giraffes and Lions – Thursday
  • Meerkats and Eagles – Tuesday


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