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At the beginning of each short term, each class or phase sends out information about homework for the term.  There is an expectation that children will complete on average one homework task per week, but children can bring this homework in at any point during the term.  The tasks vary and are designed to fit in with family life: some may be practical tasks suitable for the whole family, such as baking or collecting objects on a walk; others will be more individual challenges and designed to be done by the child alone, e.g. a piece of writing.  In addition to these, individual teachers may send home specific work, such as spellings to learn or past SATs to practise so that the format becomes familiar.  Please remember when helping your child that homework is often specific to what they have been learning in class – as you weren’t in class, you might not understand what has to be done as well as the child does!  Therefore if your child struggles with any of the homework set, please encourage him/her to speak to the class teacher about it initially: if this doesn’t resolve the issue, please speak to the teacher yourself. 


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