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Lindh House

Our house was named to honour Captain Jerry Carlton Lindh of the United States Air Force. Born in Ohio in 1964, Jerry Lindh trained at the United States Air Force Academy between the years of 1982-1986.
In 1992, he was a pilot with the 55th Tactical Fighter Squadron stationed in USAF Upper Heyford.
On September 17th 1992, Jerry Lindh and David McGuire were returning from a routine training flight of an F-111 jet to the USAF base at Upper Heyford.
They realised there were problems with the aircraft as they approached the air base. Knowing the aircraft would be lost, they were told by their control to eject.
Both men refused, knowing that the aircraft could crash without control, leading to a huge loss of life and property in Upper Heyford or North Aston.
Because of this courageous decision, both men sadly lost their lives as the aircraft hit runway lights on poles in a field before landing just yards from the last houses in Upper Heyford.

Due to this tremendous act of sacrifice, the students of Lindh House in Heyford Park free School have decided their house value to be ‘community’.
This is as a mark of respect to the man who paid the highest price to save members of this small community.
Here at Heyford Park Free School, I expect all members of Lindh House to take pride in their school, give back to their community (both their school and local communities), and above all, strive to work hard to be the best possible versions of themselves.

Miss P Baines
Head of Lind House
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