Bader House

Douglas Bader was a famous World War 2 fighter pilot.
In the 1930s he became one of the best pilots around but was involved in a serious flying accident resulting in him needing to have both legs amputated..


Lindh House

Our house was named to honour Captain Jerry Carlton Lindh of the United States Air Force. Born in Ohio in 1964, Jerry Lindh trained at the United States Air Force Academy between the years of 1982-1986.


McGuire House

Twenty years after pilot Captain Jerry Lindh, 28, and navigator/weapons systems officer Major David ‘Mike’ McGuire, 37, died, a memorial service was staged at Upper Heyford cemetery to remember their loss and their sacrifice.



Our team look after children before and after school, from 7.45 a.m. until 6.00 p.m.  We have a small friendly team, and see it as our job to offer a caring and nurturing environment.  As in the rest of school, we see children as individuals, and care for them accordingly: this might involve receiving them after they have been to an after school club, playing games, doing crafts, providing an outside space to play, reading with a child or offering a film to watch.  Children call Wraparound staff by their first names, indicating the relaxed atmosphere, however we have the same expectations of behaviours and conduct as in the rest of school..


HPFSl Equestrian Team

We have a very small team compared to most of the schools competing (who will often field 6 or 8 riders in each class, and we have 2 or 4 at the whole event!) but ours show great team spirit and are doing their absolute best. I am really proud of them! Penny Stephens - Team Manager.


Sky Living for Sport Day

​A fantastic day led by Olympic athlete Alistair Patrick-Heselton. The aim of the day was to develop confidence and self esteem, and to develop aspirations for all students involved..

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