HPFSl Equestrian Team

We have a very small team compared to most of the schools competing (who will often field 6 or 8 riders in each class, and we have 2 or 4 at the whole event!) but ours show great team spirit and are doing their absolute best. I am really proud of them! Penny Stephens - Team Manager.


Sky Living for Sport Day

​A fantastic day led by Olympic athlete Alistair Patrick-Heselton. The aim of the day was to develop confidence and self esteem, and to develop aspirations for all students involved..


BBC News Reporters

The HPFS BBC News Report Team meet every Thursday at lunchtime to discuss all things news. The local papers provide an excellent insight into what is happening around Oxfordshire and we are learning a lot about ways in which we can tell a story..


Summer Rewards

For all the hard work students had conducted this term the ice cream van arrived this afternoon..


Summer School Day 1

Hill End, Wytham Woods, for a day of team building activities. Resilience was the name of the game but as students had come back to school refreshed and excited about the year ahead, their determination to succeed prevailed..


Year 7 Home Learning 'Making a model cell'

​Students were to imagine that the Heyford Park Science Museum has asked them to make a model cell for a display. The model required an information card, perhaps using a key, to describe and explain what their cell does..

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