Heyford Park Free School sits at the heart of Heyford Park, and benefits from strong community links and a thriving business network that provides our students with a diverse range of enrichment opportunities.  We call this The Heyfordian Network.

We believe our students should have the opportunity to learn more about the world of work so they can explore life after school, develop their own interests and grow their own unique skill sets.  At Heyford Park we have a thriving business community that is able to provide work experience, post-16 apprenticeships and expert mentorship throughout the school for all our students.  As local employers, on-site businesses are able to recognise the skills and attitude that is necessary to enter the work place as a successful and motivated young adult.

Heyford Park is a vibrant and exciting place with excellent community facilities and services on site.  Heyford Park Free School is an important part of the local community and benefits from strong links with a range of local orgaisations as well as groups from the surrounding villages and Bicester.

We have made such links not only to provide our students with external opportunities to learn and engage, but also because we wish to share our faciltities with local organisations who could benefit from such a resource.  Heyford Park Free School will truly serve the whole community
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