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This will be a compulsory course at Heyford Park Free School.  Employment is rapidly changing and it is necessary for employees to be equipped to cope with change.  We want our students to be the best. Whether they want to go to University or enter a graduate training route, it is important that they can exhibit employability and leadership skills.  They must have developed their resilience and problem solving skills so that  they are clear about their personal values as they face decisions in their futures. Graduate routes are changing with the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy and a wide range of companies are offering more opportunities for trainees to enter graduate apprenticeships with them working in partnership with universities.
This programme will be based on project briefs set by external organisations.  There will be built into each brief opportunities to develop skills such as:
  • communication
  • team building
  • presentation skills
  • problem solving
  • initiative
  • and many more….


                    Possible courses at HPFS Sixth Form

A Levels (Level 3). 
Science and mathematics pathway: biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, further mathematics, computer science, physical education.
Arts and humanities pathways: English Literature and possibility of either linguistics, creative writing or English Language, art, theatre / drama, philosophy and history, geography.
We are also looking at psychology and business studies if there is enough interest.
Students can choose from both an arts & humanities pathway and science and mathematics pathway when selecting their three A levels.  All our students will take “the extended project” which is a research based A level as a fourth A level.
Technical Award (Level 3):

This is a level 3 course and will be cohort dependent.  Current interest would be with an art or ICT award.
This can be taken alongside an A level.
GCSEs (Level 2):

We will offer mathematics and English at Level 2 alongside a technical award or a reduced number of A levels.

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